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OPINION: Mother's Daughter Video

OPINION: Mother's Daughter Video

Okay y’all, I love me some Miley Cyrus but I have some serious qualms with the new music video created for her single, Mother’s Daughter.

The video is a hodge podge of sexually suggestive clips of Cyrus and a myriad of others dancing and posing. The offering here is a message about identity, inclusion, and freedom of expression. Which, of course, I am entirely behind.


If we are supposed to be having this grand nationwide conversation about inclusion, shouldn’t that include… y’know, everyone?

There isn’t a single man in this video, not one dick-baring male that goes by the pronoun ‘he'.’ There are a lot of allusions to vaginas, breasts, female sexuality, and femininity, though.

This is not the first time we have overlooked men either, in current pop culture. How could we leave out such a large portion of our society? Well, the popular argument generally goes something like this: “Men have had the freedom of expression and sexuality for as long as the age of time. Women and all of the rest of us deserve a turn of our own now.”

Am I right?

And yet, this is supposed to be a movement for inclusion. Not separation. Not a complete tilt of the wheel.

If we deny a significant and equally important segment of society, we are no better than that which came before us. Equal representation means EQUAL representation. If you were shooting an equally represented, diversity driven commercial for a skin care product, and included only white, black, and Asian models… how is that totally inclusive?. What about brown people? Beige people? Olive toned people? Etc.?

It seems completely unreasonable to just ignore men. It feels …petty to me.

What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments below.

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